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Crew Call- Maine to Long Island

Fiona will be arriving in Maine on Sunday, September 8th.  Looking for crew to sail to Long Island arriving approximately October 1st.  This will be a low key easy sail however some experience is preferred.  If interested contact Eric via email at...

Setting Sail Tomorrow

  Al and Will have both arrived on Long Island, they will crew to Maine.   Fiona is just about ready to depart, sails are bent on. Sunday we will provision. ETD is 1 pm, Monday.    Next port will be Block Island all being well.


The yard has finished painting the bottom.   Kevin Weeks noticed a small ding on a blade of the propeller, this should be repaired by Friday.  Fiona was launched today, Friday.   Mast will go up Monday.

Getting Ready for Launch Update

Bob Berg machined a new set of support struts for the Aries, Victor the Vane.  The joints had become very worn.  On Saturday John installed them, we also reinstalled the grounding plates, which I had been soaking for a week in weak acid. Weeks are preparing...

Getting ready for the Maine cruise!

Will and Al have signed up for the Maine cruise.   Scott may join the boat for a week or two.   Scott and John came to the yard early Saturday and we cleared up a few maintenance chores - removing the ground plates for cleaning, tidying up the...

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