Selected Book Review Excerpts- An Inexplicable Attraction: My Fifty Years of Ocean Sailing

Amazon Reviews

 “ I have read many books about sailing, from books like Commander Ellsberg, O’Brien, Tristan Jones, Joshua Slocum, Moitessier, Albi, Rousmaniere, and Pardy, …, this book by Eric Forsyth was one of the best .”

“(He)..made it to all the ports of call, from the idyllic to the most challenging — the Northwest passage over the top of Canada, the ports in the Antarctic, Cape Town and all of the great southern capes, Pitcairn Island, Tahiti and the Caribbean islands.”

“The challenges and hardships of sailing the world’s oceans are wonderfully described in the first person and I felt my pulse jump as the many storms ripped and shredded sails during Fiona’s voyage… a wonderful book”

Magazines and Media

“This book is a compendium of information for sailors who wish to follow Forsyth’s voyages, as well as a fascinating read for armchair travelers”…Long Island Advance

“(He has)…circumnavigated the globe twice, sailed around North America via the Northwest Passage and the Panama Canal, and completed voyages to the Baltic, the Artic and Antarctic and many other places. An Inexplicable Attraction is a very entertaining compilation of these adventures.”…Windcheck

“ (He)…does a wonderful job of taking you along on the boat with him and his crew… and having the high and low points of each passage…presented in Mr. Forsyth’s matter of fact, often tongue-in-cheek, style  that underscores the humor and patience one needs when  voyaging”… Ocean Navigator

Sailing Clubs

“It is a full and fascinating book, and I encourage you to seek out a copy”….Cruising Club of America ‘Voyages’