Rest in Peace Captain Eric Forsyth 1932 – 2023. Fair winds to a legendary man!

Hello friends. This is Eric’s daughter Brenda and his son Colin. Captain Eric passed away on August 22, 2023 peacefully at his home in Brookhaven, New York, following a short illness.
Eric didn’t want a service, so we suggest having a Fiona cocktail Fiona Cocktail Recipe (Eric’s recipe: 1 part Mount Gay rum, 2 parts apple juice (chilled- no ice), squeeze of lemon) or a happy hour toast in his honor.
Eric’s obituary is published HERE
THE YACHT FIONA IS FOR SALE  – We would love to sell Fiona to someone who appreciates her many miles and adventures around the world with our father, Eric Forsyth. Check out this Practical Boat Owner article about Eric.

We hope you continue to check out the adventures of Yacht Fiona and Captain Eric Forsyth. He sailed around the world and over 300,000 nautical miles on a 42 foot yacht.


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Wings Over Germany covers one of the most dramatic periods in recent history, the first part of WWII when the Germany suddenly invades Poland, then Denmark, Norway, Belgium, the Low Countries, and France. The speed of the advance shocks the British. By the summer of 1940 they faced, alone, the seemingly unstoppable German military machine.

Developments in bomber planes and air warfare have never been more crucial to England’s future, and RAF Squadron Leader Allan Chadwick—the recurring character in the “Wings” series—is right at the center of the “gripping action,” as Kirkus Reviews described it, which Eric Forsyth writes about in “brutally evocative prose.” Chadwick is swept up with demands on his technical and flying skills, he commands a Spitfire squadron during the Battle of Britain and despairs when he is forced to lead barely qualified pilots against the battle-hardened Luftwaffe. On a bombing raid he bales out over occupied France, evades the Germans and makes an audacious escape back to England. A daring, low level attack on Berlin in a Mosquito fighter bomber earns Chadwick the personal enmity of Herman Göring who extracts a bitter revenge. Chadwick comes close to ending his flying career when he shoots down the first V-1 to penetrate British air space.

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