Follow the adventures of Yacht Fiona and Captain Eric Forsyth as he sails around the world on a 42 foot yacht.

And follow the adventures of RAF pilot Allen Chadwick in Eric’s latest book, Wings Over the Channel, a historical novel set in the UK in the years leading up to WWII. “A rousing, detailing RAF thriller that delivers an effective climax.” – Kirkus Reviews

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Eric’s new historical novel is set in the 1930s. The Royal Air Force is working frantically to develop an effective defense against German bombers. The story follows the continuing adventures of a young RAF pilot, Allan Chadwick; his efforts to test the system attract the interest of German spies who have penetrated an upper class appeasement clique. Chadwick becomes involved in a duel of wits to fool the Luftwaffe by feeding false reports of the tests. Kirkus Review notes the story has a “sly undercurrent of humor” “which “keeps the whole tale moving along briskly,” including “a running gag about Chadwick’s behemoth old Bentley.” Kirkus concludes Wings over the Channel is “A rousing detailed RAF thriller that delivers an effective climax.”

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