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Fiona Maintenance Update

Maintenance on Fiona is one step forward and two steps back.   When Nobby came to align the new engine he had to disconnect the refurbished cutlass bearing installed last week.  The Rhodes 19 was hauled and I am planning to replace the double sheave at the base of the...

Making Progress

Amazingly enough I got the Autopilot to work today.   It suffered a catastrophic failure at the end of the 2020 cruise, which caused a circuit board to burn, but I had it rebuilt got some new Sea Talk cables and it operated the wheel.    Pic shows the boat heading...

Engine Re-Build Update

Rebuilding Fiona is proceeding.   The steering system is functional, next I will install the Raymarine autopilot. The refurbished prop and cutlass bearing  have  been installed. Next step is engine alignment.

Slowly Coming Together

The cutlass dearing and propeller have been removed and are now being refurbished by Bosler Sezey. John and I rebuilt the steering system now the cockpit sole is back.  The boat is going back together, little by little...

Engine Update

Big step forward today, Nobby the mechanic started the rebuilt Perkins Diesel in his shop.  It ran fro a couple of minutes only as there was no water circulation ,  it sounded very healthy with 70 psi oil pressure.   Plan is for Weeks Yard to drop it in the boat next...

Engine Update

The rebuilt long block is now in Nobby's shop.   I have cleaned and painted all the bits removed from the old engine such as heat exchangers, manifolds, etc.   This is a later block than the old engine and there are some differences which need to be figured out.   I...

New Engine Mounts

Sunday morning John came down to the boat and we installed four new engine mounts, pic of forward pair attached. Now we need an engine to put on them, no news yet about shipping the replacement  long block.

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