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Hauled Out

Fiona was hauled out Friday and is now resting in her usual spot at the west of Weeks yard. I removed the anchor windlass, it had suffered on the foredeck for nearly 40 years.  Replacing bearings, and seals and painting it will be a good winter job in the basement.

Stuck in Nantucket

We are still stuck in Nantucket, but it looks like a window will open Thursday for the leg to Long  Island. Walter had to fly out yesterday due to the pressure of work however, he got a chance to tour the wonderful whaling museum before he left.   Fair winds, Eric  ...

High NE Winds

Fiona encountered high NE winds after we left Provincetown, and was forced to scoot sideways into Portland. Unfortunately the jib tore so that has to be fixed. We are at Four Points Marine, and will probably be here for a couple of days.

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