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Fiona is sailing to Maine

Fiona is just about shipshape.  The plan is to leave about 12:30 pm on Tuesday, 1 September. Our first stop will be Block Island, but to avoid quarantine problems we will not go ashore. Our first stop on shore will be Provincetown. Our first stop in Maine may be Bar...

Fiona Launches!

 Fiona was launched today (Friday) by Weeks Yacht Yard.  The plan is to take Fiona to Maine for a month, leaving about 1 September.  Tom and his brother Chuck arrived here earlier in the week and will crew for the complete trip.   Tom has made three Trans-Atlantic...

Eric’s RAF Uniform Still Fits!

In honor of his latest novel, Wings Over Iraq we present Eric in his RAF uniform.  Eric joined the Royal Air Force in 1950. Here he is in 2014 wearing his original uniform attending a dinner in memory of the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I.  

New Holding Tank Installation

This weekend John and i finished a project which had dragged through winter ; installing a new holding tank.  The strongly built platform  supporting the tank  had to be fiberglassed to the hull, hence the wait for  warm weather.   Capacity is 9 gallons,  see pic...

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