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Spring Maintenance Update

 To quote the immortal words of Ogden Nash ; The Spring is sprung, the grass is riz, Time for boat maintenance it is.  Weeks yard turned on the fresh water hoping that freezing days and nights were over.   That means it is feasible to run the engine on the hard, so I...

Fiona Maintenance Update

On Monday the diesel mechanic took the injection pump off the engine, it will go to a specialist for a complete overhaul.  Minor jobs still in progress include replacing the smoke detector in the engine room and reinstalling the autopilot main unit, which was returned...

Memories From Maine

Eric sailed to Maine this fall with his friends the Lohre brothers, Chuck and Tom.  They took COVID tests, social distanced, and masked up.  Enjoy the digital photo album that Chuck and Tom put together from the trip.    

Engine Update

The diesel mechanic finally got to the boat last Monday. He carried out a compression test which the engine passed, so he judged it to be fundamentally sound. There is no doubt the engine ran better with the new exhaust system, but the engine still would not...

Christmas Aboard Fiona

Happy Holidays!  Here is what Christmas is like aboard Fiona.  I have spent several Christmas’ aboard the boat.   My first was sailing back from Tahiti to Long Island in 1991/92 after Edith passed away.  For crew I had two young men, Chris and Pete, both in their...

Update on Fiona Maintenance

Here is an update on Fiona maintenance. The diesel exhaust system has been completely replaced, right from the engine manifold to the thru hull fitting. Removing the lift tank and the old hoses resulted in the removal or destruction of 1. the bilge pump float switch...

Engine Update

Engine update;  'Nobby' Peers is looking at the engine.   The exhaust hose and lift tank were both worn out and we are in the process of replacing them.   Walter helped me to remove the old lift tank.  Here is a nice water color I bought in New Bedford on the way...

A Short Cruise to Maine 2020

A Short Cruise to Maine 2020 Fiona was launched in late August and was ready to depart in early September. The crew, Tom and Chuck, showed up a week early, we bent on the sails, loaded the heavy gear and did the food shopping. The recalcitrant freezer was fixed by the...

Engine Repairs in New Bedford

Fiona is still at Pope's Island Marina in New Bedford.  A technician removed the engine injectors yesterday for a rebuild.    Hopefully that will fix the engine problem, if so we will leave for Long Island on Friday.

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