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High NE Winds

Fiona encountered high NE winds after we left Provincetown, and was forced to scoot sideways into Portland. Unfortunately the jib tore so that has to be fixed. We are at Four Points Marine, and will probably be here for a couple of days.

The Maine Cruise Begins

 Fiona left Weeks yard on Saturday at about 1:00 PM but we had to go back and fix a lead in the exhaust pipe.  Once we did get underway there was no wind and we had to power all the way there.  We arrived at Block Island on Sunday afternoon.

Second Shakedown Sail

Fiona had a second shakedown sail on September 3rd.   The crew for the Maine Trip were on board, Brew and Jeremy plus stalwarts such as Walter, Bettina and Bruce.   No trip canceling problems were discovered. One major problem is the generator has stopped charging....

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