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Fiona Arrived in Boothbay

We are now at Boothbay.   Tom and Chuck really enjoyed Port Clyde, that bought four lobsters at the general store for $6.40l/lb .   In Boothbay  John and Helena stopped by, they crewed on Fiona in 2014 and 2015.    They now live full time aboard Petronella , for which...

Fiona’s in Rockland

We enjoyed a great sail on a starboard reach to Rockland, Did the ten mile leg in 90 minutes.  We will stay three nights at The Landings as we couldn't get a reservation to visit the Transportation  Museum until Wednesday afternoon.

Heading for Rockland

We left Belfast And moored for the night at Warren Island, a Maine State Park. Strong wind today but sunny. We will head for Rockland tomorrow. During the last few Happy Hours we have listened to jazz from Bob Sparkman and Jerry Noble. Bob was the president of...

Fiona is in Belfast

Friday we arrived at Belfast.  Strong wind blew away the fog.    Yesterday we ran into another CCAer , 'Solution, at Harbor Island, Merchants Row.  We plan to spend two days in Belfast, we are tied up at the Town Dock

The autopilot is fixed!

 The part for the autopilot arrived at the harbor master's office in Bar Harbor on Wednesday.   Amazingly the part worked and we now have a functioning autopilot again and it's working well.   We headed west and are now are in Stonington, ME.    Fair winds, Eric

Fiona is in Bar Harbor

 Fiona has arrived at Bar Harbor.   Our sail from Provincetown was wonderful to start with.  The wind from the east eventually peaked at 18 kts.  Unfortunately it died to nothing by 4 am on Tuesday and we powered the rest of the way.   It was very foggy offshore but...

Fiona’s in Provincetown

Fiona arrived in Provincetown on Saturday after powering across the Cape Cod Bay due to very light winds.  We picked up a mooring and it is extremely busy here for the holiday weekend.  All is well, the weather is great and we are having fun. 

Fiona is sailing to Maine

Fiona is just about shipshape.  The plan is to leave about 12:30 pm on Tuesday, 1 September. Our first stop will be Block Island, but to avoid quarantine problems we will not go ashore. Our first stop on shore will be Provincetown. Our first stop in Maine may be Bar...

Fiona Launches!

 Fiona was launched today (Friday) by Weeks Yacht Yard.  The plan is to take Fiona to Maine for a month, leaving about 1 September.  Tom and his brother Chuck arrived here earlier in the week and will crew for the complete trip.   Tom has made three Trans-Atlantic...

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