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Eric’s RAF Uniform Still Fits!

In honor of his latest novel, Wings Over Iraq we present Eric in his RAF uniform.  Eric joined the Royal Air Force in 1950. Here he is in 2014 wearing his original uniform attending a dinner in memory of the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I.  

New Holding Tank Installation

This weekend John and i finished a project which had dragged through winter ; installing a new holding tank.  The strongly built platform  supporting the tank  had to be fiberglassed to the hull, hence the wait for  warm weather.   Capacity is 9 gallons,  see pic...

Maintenance Update

Peter, the refrigeration tech, diagnosed the freezer problem as a defective cold plate.John, my neighbor, and myself, pulled the freezer apart and discovered the cold plate had lost the eutectic mixture.I fixed the leak and filled it with an antifreeze/water mix. ...

A Short Cruise to Maine 2019

A Short Cruise to Maine       We left Fire Island Inlet on 2 September, 2019, Hurricane Dorian was still trashing the Bahamas but it seemed safe enough to get a start on the cruise on my well-traveled Westsail 42, Fiona. For crew I had Will and Al, neither had much...

Fiona Arrived in Patchogue

Fiona arrived in Patchogue at lunchtime Monday.   A nice sail directly from Cuttyhunk Island.  We logged about 800 nm in the 4 week cruise to Maine.   Apart from Hurricane Dorian at the start we had glorious weather.

Fiona’s In Nantucket

We sailed overnight from Portland to Nantucket, my first visit  in over 30 years. We have picked up a mooring and will stay 2 nights.   Hopefully the wind will be fair for us to leave on Saturday.  

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