Crew Call! Fiona’s 2015 – 2016 Cruise

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Potential crew should study the tentative itinerary below for the first part of Fiona’s 2015/16 cruise.   

Anyone interested in crewing should send Eric an e-mail at eforsyth1@aol.comPlease include a brief personal history with emphasis on sailing experience.    Mention dates and sailing legs that are of interest.  

Before applying please read the following:
1.  Crew are responsible for getting themselves to and from the boat.
2.  Crew are not paid but I will be responsible for all boat expenses including dockage,
food, fuel, etc.
3. Expenses ashore, eating out for example, are shared on an equitable basis.
4. Crew are responsible for any personal insurance they may want, such as medical costs.
5. Crew should have all necessary travel documents; passports and visas if needed.
6. Crew should be fit and have no outstanding medical problems.
7. Once selected I will provide a list of suggested personal gear to bring.
8. It is often difficult to accommodate crew who wish to sign on for short periods because
embarking/disembarking is not practical in remote areas.
9. Let me know if you have any special dietary needs.
10. I prefer to sail with non-smokers, but if necessary smoke on deck only.

Fiona’s 2015/2016 Cruise, Tentative Schedule (Part One).
DATE                                                                                          ACTIVITY
July 5                                                                                 Leave PatchogueJuly 6                                                                                 Arrive Block Island

July 8                                                                                 Leave Block Is

July 10                                                                               Arrive Provincetown

July 12                                                                               Leave Provincetown

July 15                                                                                Arrive Lunenburg, Canada

July 17                                                                                 Leave Lunenburg

July 20                                                                                Arrive St. Johns, Newfoundland

July 24                                                                                Leave St. Johns

August 10                                                                           Arrive Oban, Scotland

August 14                                                                           Leave Oban

August 15 to September 5                                                Cruise Scottish Western Isles

Sept 6 to 9                                                                         Transit Caledonian Canal

September 10                                                                     Arrive Inverness

September 12                                                                     Leave Inverness

September 16                                                                      Arrive Thyboron, Denmark

September 18 to 20                                                            Transit Alborg Canal

September 21 to October 20                                             Cruise Baltic Sea

October 21                                                                            Arrive Kiel, Germany

October 26                                                                             Leave Kiel

October 27 to 29                                                                  Transit Kiel Canal

November 10                                                                         Arrive London, UK