February News – 2015

FEBRUARY 12, 2015
Captain Forsyth will present his latst video, Fiona Battles to Reach Antarctica, at 2 pm on 14 February, 2015, at the West Islip library on Higbie Lane. This is under the auspices of the South Bay Cruising Club, anyone interested in ocean sailing or thinking of joining the club may attend free.

FEBRUARY 13, 2015
Via Capt. Forsyth comes this amazing news from Bolton, UK:


A new scholarship to study Medicine to be available for a Bolton School girl.

A new scholarship to study Medicine at university is being offered to Year 13 students in Bolton School’s Girls’ Division.

The Dr Edith Forsyth Scholarship Award will provide financial support for five years of university medical training for a student who wants to start her degree in September 2015 and otherwise might be deterred from studying Medicine because of financial hardship.

The award will cover five years of training at £15,000 per annum and has been generously donated by an Old Boy of the School, Eric Forsyth, in memory of his late wife, Edith. Eric wishes to provide the same opportunity for a young woman, that he and Edith enjoyed when they went to Manchester University in 1950; namely a free education under the 1944 Education Act.

Eric and Edith subsequently moved to Canada and later to the United States, where Edith was a highly respected physician on Long Island. She was beloved by all her patients and has been sorely missed since her passing in 1991.

FEBRUARY 25, 2015
From Capt. Forsyth’s Friend in Germany — Eric is in Munich, Germany, visiting very old friends Maryana and Crt. Weather is not bad: 40F at lunchtime. He is learning to use the U-Bahn, the clean, silent underground. Quite a contrast to the NYC subway. Friday, he flies to Hamburg and then to Kiel to visit Christina.