Hello friends. This is Eric’s daughter Brenda and his son Colin. Captain Eric passed away peacefully this morning at his home in Brookhaven, New York, following a short illness. We will post more on this later, but for now we’d like to thank Nancy Corwin, John Cuenin, Holly Allen, Dr. Annette Racaniello, and the staff at the Brookhaven Health Care Facility for caring for our father during his final weeks.
Eric didn’t want a service, so we suggest having a Fiona cocktail Fiona Cocktail Recipe (Eric’s recipe: 1 part Mount Gay rum, 2 parts apple juice (chilled- no ice), squeeze of lemon) or a happy hour toast in his honor. These are a couple of our favorite pictures of Eric. The first was taken when he was a young fighter pilot in the British Royal Air Force. The second was doing what he loved, sailing.