Here is an update on Fiona maintenance. The diesel exhaust system has been completely replaced, right from the engine manifold to the thru hull fitting. Removing the lift tank and the old hoses resulted in the removal or destruction of 1. the bilge pump float switch 2. freshwater plumbing from tank selector manifold 3. cabin heater duct work 4. fuel refueling hoses and plumbing. The new 2 1/2 and 3 inch exhaust hoses were reinforced with thick stainless wire and were very difficult to cut, handle and coax into place. The old cast iron elbow and U fitting were replaced by fiberglass versions. All the other systems were replaced, I am now waiting for the diesel mechanic to diagnose the original engine problem, which resulted in the engine only running at low speed.

 U tube assembly to prevent seawater backing into engine

Horizontal run to thru hull fitting