Fiona’s Sailing History

DateAreaDistance In
Nautical Miles
1964-1982Various Voyages as crew and captain including 6 Newport-Bermuda races and 15 months cruising  with Iona21,799
May-Aug, 1983Long Island, Block Island271
Aug, 1983Long Island to Bermuda and return1,576
Oct, 1983Long Island144
July, 1984Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island, St Pierre and Miquelon2,540
Aug, 1984Block Island46
Sept, 1984Long Island146
July-Aug, 1985St. Martin, Virgin Islands, Bermuda4,008
Aug, 1985Block Island, Long Island197
July-Aug, 1986Azores, Bermuda6,120
Sept, 1986Block Island, Long Island210
July, 1987Bermuda and Maine1,900
Sept, 1987Block Island45
Oct, 1987Long Island125
July-Aug, 1988Caribbean and return to Long Island4,530
July-Sept, 1989Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Maine3,014
June-Oct, 1990South Pacific via Panama Canal8,073
Nov 1991 -Apr 1992South Pacific to Bermuda via Cape Horn16,500
June-Aug, 1992Bermuda, Block Island, Long Island844
July-Sept, 1993Newfoundland, St. Pierre & Miquelon, Maine2,739
June-Sept, 1994Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Is, Newfoundland, Labrador, Maine3,332
July, 1995 -Sept, 1997Circumnavigation of the globe via Panama and Suez Canals38,183
July, 1998-May, 1999Caribbean, Panama Canal, Chile, Antarctica, S. Africa21,784
Sept-Oct, 1999Maine1,064
June, 2000-May, 2001Newfoundland, Iceland, Spitsbergen, Norway, Scotland, Caribbean14,761
Aug-Sept, 2001Maine963
June, 2002-Sept, 2003Circumnavigation of the globe via Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn32,869
June, 2004-May, 2005Ireland, Scotland, Baltic, England, Portland, Brazil, Falkland Islands21,522
Aug-Sept, 2005Maine1,072
June, 2006-May, 2007Canary Is, Brazil, Falkland Is, Antarctica, Chile, Peru, Panama, Bahamas19,819
Sept, 2007Maine1,128
June, 2008-Oct, 2008Azores, Greenland, Labrador, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Maine8,058
June, 2009-May, 2010Greenland, Northwest Passage, Alaska, California, Mexico, Panama16,333
July, 2011-April, 2012Nova Scotia, Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, Portugal, Brazil, Caribbean12,513
Sept-Oct, 2012Maine910
July, 2013-May, 2014Canaries, Cape Verdes Brazil, Uruguay, Falklands, S. Africa, Ascension, Caribbean22,391
Sept, 2014Maine871
July, 2015-May, 2016Scotland, Baltic and Caribbean14,554
July, 2017-May, 2018Portugal and the Caribbean9,983
Sept-Oct 2018Maine980
Sept-Oct 2019Maine864
Sept-Oct 2020Maine1020
Sept-Oct 2022Maine850
Total Nautical Miles320,651

These distances are culled from eight successive logbooks. Failure of the distance log is not uncommon due to mechanical or electronic problems, or weeding. In this event the distance was calculated using GPS or Loran waypoints, which is always less than the distance actually sailed, thus the numbers are conservative.


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