Sailing History of Captain Forsyth


DateBoat/PositionLocationDistance, Nautical Miles
1961-63True Rocket, Captain, with EdithLong Island250
1964Arvincourt II, Crew, with EdithTrans-Atlantic Crossing3,000
1965True Rocket, Iona, CaptainRhode Island, Long Island250
1966Iona, Captain, with EdithBlock Island, Nantucket340
1967Iona, CaptainNova Scotia, Maine1,395
1967Iona, Captain, with EdithNewport, Block island (America’s Cup Race)296
1968-1969Iona, Captain, with EdithBermuda, Caribbean, Bahamas, Florida, Intracoastal6,607
1969Iona, Captain, with EdithBlock Island, Nantucket, Long Island514
1970Iona, Captain, with EdithBlock Island, Nantucket, Long Island340
1971Iona, Captain, with EdithBermuda1,507
1971Sea Swan, NavigatorLong Island to St. Thomas2,000
1972-1982Various, NavigatorNewport to Bermuda Race (six plus one return)4,800
1972-1982Various, Captain, with EdithCharters in Bahamas, Caribbean and Florida500
1983-2014Fiona, CaptainSee Fiona‘s Sailing History295,829


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