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New Engine Mounts

Sunday morning John came down to the boat and we installed four new engine mounts, pic of forward pair attached. Now we need an engine to put on them, no news yet about shipping the replacement  long block.

New Long Block Located

The mechanic, Nobby, had located a Perkins 4-236 long block in Ohio.  Next problem is to get it to Patchogue.  I am busy cleaning and painting the parts that will be bolted to it; pumps, filters, heat exchangers, etc. I am also cleaning and painting the engine...

Awaiting an Engine Diagnosis

 Last Friday I was invited by the Brookhaven Historical Society to show a sailing video, I chose 'An Inexplicable Attraction, the video of my book.  The diesel is now in Nobby's shop awaiting a diagnosis.  Fair winds, Eric

Engine Update

Today, Father's Day, we made a giant step forward by lowering the Perkins diesel to ground level.  Walter and John did most of the work.  The next step is for Nobby, the mechanic, to get the engine to his shop.  Pics attached:

Engine Removal Update

John and Walter showed up early on Sunday and we pulled the engine into the cockpit.  A bit of a struggle at times. The Come-along broke and we had to rig another with  the engine suspended in space.  Pics show the operation at various times and the final shot is John...

Engine Update

With help from John and Scott the cockpit sole is off and the engine disconnected from the mounting lugs and assorted pipes and wires.   It remains to lift the engine, which Weeks yard will take care of.   Shot of cockpit attached:  

Fiona Update

Over the weekend Walter and John helped me get the cylinder head ready to lift.   The mechanic, Nobby, will actually do that. The Rhodes is in the water and Walter hand I had a lovely sail on Sunday afternoon to Bellport, with a 10 to 12 knot NW wind.

Maintenance Update

Nobby the mechanic stopped by the boat last week with  a re-built injection pump.   With some difficulty we got the old Perkins to run but the new injection pump had not solved the problem of low rpm and lots of smoke.  Next step is to remove the cylinder head and...

Wheel Cover Update

April 22nd- I started to stitch on the wheel cover, so far half done. See pics.   Despite was Ogden Nash said it was cold last night ; 30s.  I lit the last fire of the season, I think.    

Spring Maintenance Update

 To quote the immortal words of Ogden Nash ; The Spring is sprung, the grass is riz, Time for boat maintenance it is.  Weeks yard turned on the fresh water hoping that freezing days and nights were over.   That means it is feasible to run the engine on the hard, so I...

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